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Linda Browne This singer/songwriter is so inspirational and moving. Her voice invites you in and asks your soul to see things differently. After hearing this I won't be the same. Thank you. Favorite track: Polarity feat. Bocafloja.
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Reset involves a humanistic experience, based from a metaphysical viewpoint where Blakely shares her personal process of decolonizing heart and mind, relearning and questioning her beliefs since childhood and making decisions about what is her own philosophy. She asks historical and cultural questions, roots of self defence mistaken for violence, colorblindness, capitalism and white privilege.

Reset es una metafora para desprogramar mente y corazon. El primer proyecto de Blakely como solista, Reset es un álbum conceptual donde habla de las ideas que nos han inculcado en el cuerpo desde el nacimiento. Ella nos involucra en un proceso de auto-reprogramación a partir de sus propios ideales, respetando las perspectivas de todos los seres y la inevitable interconexión entre todo lo vivo.

Collaborations with: Bocafloja, Lengualerta, Hache St, Cambio, Sista Lu, Mizz P, Caety Sagoian, Dan Zlotnik, Alejandro Blumenkron... Beats by: Hugo Vera Solari, Jim B, Gas Lab, Danny Beat, SK1, Gerry Lopez
Studio: MCO Studios, Mexico City


released May 9, 2013

All lyrics/vocals/back up: Alexandra Blakely

Jim B: This Separation, Full of Love, Sister Warriors
Hugo Vera Solari: Up Down, Synergy (Composition and Mix)
Gerry Lopez: One Step (+ sax)
Gas-Lab: Amameamo (Composition and Mix)
Danny Beat: Enemy of the System
SK1: Polarity
Soul Theory: Already Change
Nicolas Guerero: Composition Reset

Dan Zlotnik (Sax): Full of Love, Sister Warriors
Alejandro Blumenkron (Vox): Synergy, One Step
Marco Castro (Drums): One Step
Saeg (Scratch): Full of Love, Enemy of the System, Sister Warriors, Polarity
Album Art: FanpDesign
Album Photos: Claudio Pezzotti
Studio: MCO Studios, Polanco, DF
Engineer: Nicolas Guerrero
Pre-Mix: Rafael Perez (Full Mix "One Step")
Final Mix: Andreas Chipster (This Separation, Full of Love, Enemy of the System, Good Woman, Polarity, Already Change)
Mastering: Aldo Arechar

[our bodies are vessels of creative expression channeled by a great mystery- i bow to this energy flow. to Tonantzin, our wise ancestors and the infinite interconnection between all universal elements. a la persona quien me invito conocer al Temazcal- de las Olas mas profundas de mi corazon, tlazocamatli tlecuauhtli. this album is for femi, all other purposes arrived after your safe entrance, i thank panda for participating in the journey. my ultimate gratitude to my father who planted my roots deep in the Forest- my compassionate mother with her buoyancy for humanity, she another unsung hero- my mirror sisters caprice and tishendorf, squeezing my hand through moonless moments y querido quilomboarte: han extendido mis horizontes, cambiado mi vida por siempre, mi admiración por ustedes sigue expandiendo diario y los quiero incondicionalmente. to hector ruiz, a lifelong, cosmic soul companion- without your love, this album would not be what it became, you have shown me that we truly are what surrounds us-familia mco is a beautiful reflection of just that- I cherish every one of you (you too fiona!) to the magnificent drops of Sun who share their lives with me- it is an honor to experience your laughter: mi familia tepoz, peter m, christian g, kari, jasmin g, kalika c, chris and chuck browne, andreas chipster, christopher b, giovanni, erick waka w, ok pk, paola m, mirella campos (una mega inspiracion) and everyone else who gifted life to these tracks- i am blessed to be surrounded by such driven, humble and radiant beings. i love you blakely. te amo mexico. in lak'ech ala k'in]



all rights reserved


Alexandra Blakely Seattle, Washington

Alexandra Blakely (Seattle, WA) started her musical journey in 2005 in Mexico. In 2009, Blakely formed a soul project alongside bass player/composer Hugo Vera Solari: Solburst. In 2012 Blakely began to focus on working as a solo artist as to be fully responsible for her own lyric. She has shared stages with artists such as La Mala Rodriguez, Bomba Estereo, Bahamadia, Lengualerta, Bocafloja, etc. ... more

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Track Name: This Separation
sometimes i think my country should be
on comedy central working for free
and they wonder why i don’t salute the lady liberty?
maybe if we’re white or colonized we’d fall for imagery
like that - but that’s all it is, false promises -
pretty pictures published to indoctrinate our kids

VOICE: Institutionalized rascism? How is that our fault?
That’s what i said, I’d never heard of “white privilege”
VOICE: This talk divides us further-

And I claimed to be for unity,
while blindlessly committing oppressive acts through opportunity –
offered to you and me –through the color of our skin –
no longer racist? – check the neighborhood we’re in –
lines of segregation thicker than they’ve ever been –
of course we don’t see race we’re surrounded by our kin.
And if we’ve got some color in our white schools then-
that’s our vindication for our integration.

They say I’m angry. Hell yes I am
if a nation attacked my family
I know I’d sure protect them
I’d arm myself and self defend
What would you do? If it was you
That’s what we’ve done- this separation

So I denied it straight up – come on- you understand ,
Its hard to be proven not egalitarian.
To admit I was wrong, that I’d done it all along,
And i know i’m not alone, cause we’re all that strong,
BUT-we’ve been tricked by the system
==Intricate, Intelligent, inmoral – belligerent
==thinkn that we’ve chosen our lives moral and diligente
==colorblindness when it’s actually divergent…

Track Name: One Step feat. Alejandro Blumenkron/Gerry Lopez
They want us in the education they constructed
We have our hands on all the books that they abducted
They don’t want us to think for ourselves
So now we’re gonna study ALL their books on the shelves
They want us to believe in personal success
We believe in the strength of populace
They want us to buy into corporations
We’re gonna buy our coffee from the local corner station
They want us eating all their processed foods
We raise our own and we plant our own seeds too
They want us to buy into pharmaceuticals
We practice from the east and use the native rules
They want us hover’n dominate’n adolescents
We nurture - dialogue – follow’n their own true essence
They dream of us struggling with our dearest
We raise our children in the tribes of our nearest
They want us loose’n our dignity in substance
We rise above addictions oh we rise from above this!
They’re building sky scrapers, new technologies
we use solar energy, heal through musicology
They want oil and raw materials
We want crystal waters and healthy animals
They like to give charity and be the people’s savior
Philanthropy would not be needed if not for the class behavior
They want us to depend on them while they remain ascendant
On all their powers we condemn while we remain independent!
Free enterprises, reliance on the city
liberation’s recognizing limits of necessity
They like us docile, don’t make a sound there
We unite and our voice becomes louder
They want us fighting between one another
We unite and our voice becomes louder
They want us working to keep body and soul together
We unite and our voice becomes louder
They want strugglin and they want us to expire
We unite and our wall becomes higher
Want contribution to idiosyncratic heirs
We unite, step forward, tell them to prepare
They want us brainless, zombies, blind
We have the knowledge, now they’re one step behind

We unite and our voice becomes louder
Recite: Now is the hour.
Track Name: Full of Love

What was it like for you, were you scared to death?
Afraid of the dark, even of your own breath
Don’t breathe, please leave, this is not happening
Five years young father, what were you imagining?
People trust their lives with you
Invite you to their homes
Eating at their dinner tables
Doggy bags for Rome
And there you were, everyday - We loved you openly
Maybe they were just nightmares – hoped they’d be
1,2. 1,2,3… where’s the fucking light for the innocent to see?
But there was no one,
no one who’d understand
when the mentality of a first grader can barely comprehend
responsibilities that not a single being should possess
how many other victims still are trapped in this oppress
Shun- away the very people that the probably could trust
These tiny little souls were never yours to turn to dust


Living a life of guilt for not protecting my own daughter
To me would be a life of death or hell on earth, no water
Finally understood when daddy said that he would kill you
If you laid a finger on my girl it be hard not to
--As I walk alone at night through city streets
I look into the distant eyes of every man I meet
And wonder if the face I’m seeing is the real one
The only scar I got right here was chosen cause I wanted one
Reminds me that this heart of dust is actually of gold
and through the love I give myself, an honest family unfolds
--I don’t blame you theodore, here’s my condolence
I will not repeat your fault or follow in your violence
through these lines of history a sickness is released
We’re break’n the all the cycles baby, know it, you and me
So I choose to believe in love – not push it all away
Cause why should we be punished for the misery you make?

Don’t let it consume you
Learn it like a lesson
Gotta fight back and
Use it as your weapon

Don’t let it feast you
Praise the waking hour
Take what’s in the past and
Use it as your power

Don’t go hiding
Don’t run away from the home
Open your eyes my child
You are not alone

Don’t let it consume you
Learn it like a lesson
Gotta fight back and
Use it as your…
Track Name: Up Down
Sometimes I feel like
I’m flying high above the rainbows
The idea of you here
Has been fuel to make me stronger
but then I give away my power
then I give away my soul
I wanna share everything
I wanna give you my all
But that’s not the way it’s sposed to be
true happiness comes from the depths of me
I can no longer put in your hands my love for free
The one that ends up paying is my own entity
And it goes - Up down Up down Up ….

I had you spinning on this pedestal
I worked so hard- to see you as my guide
Not let down my guard
But when I let you in
i was sure it’was meant to be
no one’d ever challenged me the way you challenged me
and then youd go away for months at a time
my life would develop - grow up through my rhyme
when you were out of sight
you were still on my mind
Perfect relationship – avant garde - kind
but then one day i woke up at our side
Beneath the dragons wing seemed warmer than I’d like
-And I knew this wasn’t where I was supposed to be
I always knew your purpose in my life’s totality but
I ignored my own heart, my intuition
And nobody but myself’s to blame for all the impositions
You’d always been honest- straight from the start
Lost in illusions, thought I’d learnt this part – and it goes:
Track Name: Enemy of the System feat. Lengualerta/Sista Lu
Independence has a day, the invasion's got a year
Washington’s a state- Lincoln automobiles,
when i’m a from a country that to them these things appeal –
time to track historians - stop this whole ordeal,
Or better yet, get this rotten shit straight-
infiltrate every home in the state – breakn in and enterin –
“back your ass through that gate” –
push’n out the families past the interstate.
What you say’n? that dont sound like fun?
If they dont leave willingly, just shoot’em with this GUN. (here take this)
Come on yo – just look at it like fungus-
this is how it went down,
Did I tell you I just started a new line?
They’re called Tubman’s, yes Harriet- you’re right-
tiny little rubbers that help prevent lil’babies –
or wait- we should name it after some calamities!

Sista Lu:
Enemy of the System
for protecting and defending our tradition
Enemy of the System
for not giving up to life in submission

dime: ¿quién ejerce más violencia?
el Estado y su política o el que se manifiesta
y al calor de la protesta lo hace presa la impotencia 
y estalla en rabia y lanza piedras con urgencia
dime: ¿quién es pues el terrorista?
el banquero y el que todo privatiza,
ese que elegante te arrebata con la cínica sonrisa
o el que trabaja el campo y desde que amanece pizca
ese campo al que Monsanto amenazó con devorar
por lo que aquel como salida decidió un arma tomar
pa defender su patrimonio familiar
sin olvidarse de toda su comunidad
dime entonces: ¿quién es aquí el criminal?
y a quién se debería juzgar y encarcelar
dime entonces: ¿quién es el criminal?
dime: ¿quién es el criminal?

Track Name: Amameamo (Para Mexico)
Confrontar a mis errores no siempre es lo facil
bajo lunas llenas, pido que me cure fragil- mente
Corazon y cuerpo sano, la vida bella con batallas
me agarro de la mano
miro al espejo -ojos claros y honestos – que me cuesta
Canta, canto al alma mia muestro gestos
Del amor por uno mismo me hace falta –
Mesa volteada han mostrado salto- salta
Si salto, salto, pero sera por mi - (NO SE)
Energia va perdida, no sabia quien yo fui
dando todo por recibir algo de vuelta
queriendo lo profundo sin amarme a mi misma
y al encontrar que se siente sentir
enamorada de lo bella que soy sin arrepentir
que no es narcisismo, sino fundamental
y si yo no guardo enemigos, me respetan el moral

Veinte mas nueve Seisenta menos dos
Aprendizajes diferentes cada camino
Dejemos de correr que no competire
Hay solo un destino y millones de calles
Imaginate: auto suficientes
tomando la responsibilidad por ser presentes
enfrente lo que veo, lo que soy
lo que me rodea son reflejos a donde voy
doy y doy espiritu abierto
exito de mis hermanas tambien mis logros
I go, you go, vamos todos juntos
Compartimos los secretos del jardin los frutos
amo me amo te amas primero
el parto de felicidad se nace pa’adentro
y recordar que juntos somos fuertes
cada ser de luz mas, mas amor mi gente
Track Name: Sister Warriors feat. MIZZP./Caety Sagoian
what if it was true: enough for me and you?
what if it was true: enough for me and you?
would ya still push me out the front door?
would ya still push me out the front door?
what if it what true: enough for me and you?
sister warriors stand tall like you do
victories shared, no swords anymore
victories shared, no swords anymore
youre a woman i'm a human
this we got in common
negativity addicition startn lots of problems
---flex the facts from the start lets solve em
life is super short we got a minute to dissolve em
NO one way and uh, there ain't no rules
try and make you grasp these tracks in my shoes that
you've never ever walked so why would you be aware?
mentally evolved not yet a telepathic pair

Chorus: (Caety Sagoian)
Show me who you is
Show me who you are
We are all connected
Dance among the stars
We're sisters and the mothers
lovers and friends
all been linked together from beginning to the end

for the single mami's in tepoztlan
these magic mountains have drawn us together for something
it takes a village to raise a child TRIBE - HA
protect yourself to respect yourself HA!
no rationale to neglect yourself HA!
if we are the nurturers with nothing sweet to give
our children imitate the acts in every way we live - HA
we've come here to learn different things HA
dealt different cards, gifted different wings
different perspectives, traditions, cultures
Im on a Im on a urge a funkafabulous juncture
we rocks the mixture- sisterhood nature
rockn it and talkn it we stocknit this rapture
you get the picture?-no one's better than another
maybe different yes but not a book by its color


Verse 3 - Mizz P
Packin’ ah positive msg my sister I dare
Instagram, Tweet A book, Pin it to your peers
Crafting musical lenses over ya heads
Orgasmic-ly blowing lyrical Silla in your ears
We are the -strands of braids in our hair
We are -united one nation we stand
Birth the rights Kings, Queens,
Princesses, Princes Indigo Beings
I could never hate you ,my sister I love
Rocking same Tee-Shirt and it says “FREE HUGS”
Japanese, Indies, Gingos whats up?!
Dominicans, Jamaican’s, world one love
Lucy was the first she connects us all
Some see mutilation I see beautification
Noses ring of Tatted arms,
Kimone on ya head (go on girl) BLOCK THE MEN AND SUN!

Show me who you is
Show me who you are
We are all connected
Dance among the stars
We're sisters and the mothers
lovers and friends
all been linked together from beginning to the end
caught up in competition
lose'n intuition
get back to the addition
of you plus me is winning
i keep it 100, i keep it always real
her light is undeniable
she will win she will
Track Name: Polarity feat. Bocafloja
I can remember a day when I never ever had a doubt
You could shoot me any politics and I would talk about
whatever war could do, well love was more effective
and I never had a reference, the sense was just connected
to me through a channel from the universe
and then a man came –he was challenging and transverse
made me question everything I’d done since birth
who had taught it to me-- my morals and their worth
he asked who was thinking for me? Was I thinking for myself?
head stuck in the sand, hiding from the filth?
He pulled me out, showed me: justice ignored
Would i ever be again the woman that i was before?
I was always positive, never anti anything
Without the veil of my illusions, evil got away with things
So no, life isn’t hollywood, it’s push push pull
Is it balance that i’m lacking or the half cup full?

Could there be darkness without the light
Male without female, fall and rise
love and no hate, it appears to be
for every thing polarity
is it true with no sour there’d be no sweet
not able to conquer without defeat
failure success, give or receive
it depends how we perceive

i fight and fight and fight help me through the
insomnia darkness, the monster wants to bite
sleeping through the day with my candles guard at night
praying to the mystery, return to my soul
that love is still the answer, that it can cure all
I’m lost in a place and only see a plague
humanities in danger, pacifism in me dead
All I wanna do is sing to you and elevate
But then I would be lying cause im seeing all this hate
our bodies getn weaker even though we give her food
practice with the spirit seems too privileged to be good
All of these emotions weighing down on our health
The poor is persecuted to the tyrant prized more wealth
people keep on telling me there’s beauty in this life
I know it cause I’ve seen it but the balance isn’t right
Theres gotta be a way to get it back, some light retrieval
No more ignorance is bliss, Hear no see no speak no evil


Boca vs. 3
Aquel se desperto con la conciencia adolorida
imagenes, masacres de una noche ensangrentada en la Florida
Ponce de Leon tiro caballos en el vientre de los tantos
y al grito Seminole no le cuadra el esperanto
ni el yoga liberal del mojigato
ni el yugo federal punzo cortante causa impacto
confronta responsable al bisabuelo, los nietos quieren prietos en su entierro
y un mundo de colores armonioso sin desvelo
es la catarsis de un comfort arrepentido
es la liturgia protestante que al Yoruba se ha rendido
queda sumar pa' colectar las moneditas ancestrales
para pagar reparacion a los insultos seculares
son los asuntos naturales de un balance vitalicio
anoche el aprendio el significado del solsticio
anoche el aprendio la relevancia del solsticio, 
del solsticio..

Im not scared of darkenss
But bring me back some light
Give to me the balance that I’m needing in this life
Track Name: Synergy
So you wanna hear about the guy that really gets me goin?
He’s about to walk in through that door, I just don’t know it
---Movin in from behind, I turn my head around
He’s sittn with some friends talkn intellectually profound
----Maybe I should know who this CAPITAN is
People leavn gifts for him
Offerin up their heart to his
---He’s the mac-daddy of a peacefulution
Impacting the universe with positive solutions
smile - contagious, presence - outrageous
Tall, calm and spiritual, dialogue - courageous
---I feel this energy the closer I get to him
Charisma of a visionary, rhythm flow’n through him
He hardly speaks but when he does pay attention
Observer, absorber, full of comprehension

I don’t NEED you but I WANT you
You should be p-p-p-proud of that
If I do my 100 and you do your 100
Then we can reach more people together than separate

I really think it’s funny when the dudes they just don’t get it
Actin up a fool, spittn rhymes that are pathetic
Street whistling, miseducated children
Your game is undescribably horrific, what you missn?
to me it’s not cool that you just got wasted,
you smoked four blunts. Or all the shit you’ve tasted
You ask my name but my eyes ain’t on my waste,
they ain’t on my chest! Dude, look up at my face!
I just met you and you see I’ve got a kid
Don’t go change’n all your pics to charity you did
a private jet? Wow I’d rather play pictionary
looking for some synergy, yo you gotta dictionary?
I see you wantin me to comment your new watch
i'm no cinderella- flower loves me loves me not
Put away the plastic, you know me at all?
Materialistic? more like sapiosexual
Yeah, seduce me with that brain
Teach me som’mn I don’t know- it drives this girl insane
you’re gonna know if I’m interested
If a woman wants she can be aggressive
And one more thing before I go back to Mr. Right
I like four play and not just in the night
So if you make it to my bed or I get close to yours
Keep my clothes intact and make me want it more


Sometimes I question, after making a pile of the books I want to read… If he’s even out there. Is there a man out there that will understand my complex humanistic concern, independence and deep spirituality? I’m talk’n not just some dude that says he could deal with it, but someone who challenges me intellectually and hugs trees with me the next day? We don’t have to be the same person or love all the same things, but it’s gotta be close… I can’t ask the man to change, so I better get him from the start just how I want him. If he’s chocolate, he’s chocolate, I can’t ask him to taste like strawberry half way through the ride.

Where you at?
Track Name: Already Change feat. Hache St/Cambio
be the change i wanna see but i see
is what the damn commercials is tellin me who to be
but i know i can’t compete with a billion dollar industry
who main objective to lower my self esteem

addicted to the street blog fall fashion next fall
artificial remedy damn they did a good job
wittha 10 deep, and snapback, selvedge jeans, and new kicks
didn't improve, my rhymes, or fan base, just more debts

now when i say the words lots of babies welfare
do you think of my dark skin thick hair
image after image that’ll have me hate who i am
16 when i first had, brown teacher, AHH damn

mr parra went to berkley came back right
so proud like he was from the east side
learning things about my past that i never knew
Now my whole.damn world brand new

I heard change gon come since I've been just a baby girl
Talkn bout it talkn bout it
how to change the world
look again, look again, look again, look again, look again
everyday IS change
you and me ARE change
ALREADY we da change

Hache St:
Cambia la rutina en esta esquina, ya no quedan rimas,
sólo prisas sin risas, sólo vistas perdidas.
Panas que se fueron, no volvieron, apostaron y perdieron,
otros gozan de sus bienes, no retrocedieron,
pero están vacíos, están perdidos,
divididos por un éxito ficticio e indefinido.
Cambia lo climático, no es cosa de zapatos,
ni de cambio de aparatos, ni de agujas ni de platos.
La pausa tiene apremio, el apremio más apremio,
lo convencional va de bohemio, enfermo está el remedio.
Cambia la capa de ozono, no del traje. El entorno
es otra viaje sin abono, sin un pasaje pa' un retorno.
¿Somos el cambio o el cambio es lo sintético?
Aquí el espíritu ya sirve de amuleto
para una maquina que no posee cerebro,
para un amor que sólo está en febrero.


Blakely: (dedicated to Mirella Campos)

met a chicana in chicago - nothing rudimentary
servin door to door her people, complimentary
she's a feminist, fist risen, revolutionist
with her dream to be a doctor, there's no stoppn this
--not a loan they'll never give her, opt to this
encyclopedia recited backwards, fuck the list
--ivy league, aristocrat fatigue -
home between the bookshelves - library still free!
--they may own the stadium - but she's the athlete
plays to her advantage, number one always in track meet
and still the girl, she asks me - did I have enough to eat
several hours after she had punched out on her time sheet
a pay it forward pioneer she's a serenade
the kid who paid pop's doctor bills by selling all her lemonade
when there's a will, well. there's a way
a way to pick herself up from the embers EVERYDAY
Breaking old traditions- unobstructed paths behind
Inspires those who follow, stimulate the heart and mind
And like her we'll return to the spirits that know trust
Remaining here our essence that forever speaks for us