Full of Love

from by Alexandra Blakely

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This is a track I wrote based off several stories from the Catholic Church and personal survivals of severe anatomy violation.



What was it like for you, were you scared to death?
Afraid of the dark, even of your own breath
Don’t breathe, please leave, this is not happening
Five years young father, what were you imagining?
People trust their lives with you
Invite you to their homes
Eating at their dinner tables
Doggy bags for Rome
And there you were, everyday - We loved you openly
Maybe they were just nightmares – hoped they’d be
1,2. 1,2,3… where’s the fucking light for the innocent to see?
But there was no one,
no one who’d understand
when the mentality of a first grader can barely comprehend
responsibilities that not a single being should possess
how many other victims still are trapped in this oppress
Shun- away the very people that the probably could trust
These tiny little souls were never yours to turn to dust


Living a life of guilt for not protecting my own daughter
To me would be a life of death or hell on earth, no water
Finally understood when daddy said that he would kill you
If you laid a finger on my girl it be hard not to
--As I walk alone at night through city streets
I look into the distant eyes of every man I meet
And wonder if the face I’m seeing is the real one
The only scar I got right here was chosen cause I wanted one
Reminds me that this heart of dust is actually of gold
and through the love I give myself, an honest family unfolds
--I don’t blame you theodore, here’s my condolence
I will not repeat your fault or follow in your violence
through these lines of history a sickness is released
We’re break’n the all the cycles baby, know it, you and me
So I choose to believe in love – not push it all away
Cause why should we be punished for the misery you make?

Don’t let it consume you
Learn it like a lesson
Gotta fight back and
Use it as your weapon

Don’t let it feast you
Praise the waking hour
Take what’s in the past and
Use it as your power

Don’t go hiding
Don’t run away from the home
Open your eyes my child
You are not alone

Don’t let it consume you
Learn it like a lesson
Gotta fight back and
Use it as your…


from Reset, track released April 25, 2013
Jim B: Beat
Engineer: Nicolas Guerrero
Pre-mix: Rafael Perez
Mix: Andreas Chipster
Sax: Dan Zlotnik
Voice and Lyrics: Alexandra Blakely
Master: Aldo Arechar



all rights reserved


Alexandra Blakely Seattle, Washington

Alexandra Blakely (Seattle, WA) started her musical journey in 2005 in Mexico. In 2009, Blakely formed a soul project alongside bass player/composer Hugo Vera Solari: Solburst. In 2012 Blakely began to focus on working as a solo artist as to be fully responsible for her own lyric. She has shared stages with artists such as La Mala Rodriguez, Bomba Estereo, Bahamadia, Lengualerta, Bocafloja, etc. ... more

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