Polarity feat. Bocafloja

from by Alexandra Blakely

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I can remember a day when I never ever had a doubt
You could shoot me any politics and I would talk about
whatever war could do, well love was more effective
and I never had a reference, the sense was just connected
to me through a channel from the universe
and then a man came –he was challenging and transverse
made me question everything I’d done since birth
who had taught it to me-- my morals and their worth
he asked who was thinking for me? Was I thinking for myself?
head stuck in the sand, hiding from the filth?
He pulled me out, showed me: justice ignored
Would i ever be again the woman that i was before?
I was always positive, never anti anything
Without the veil of my illusions, evil got away with things
So no, life isn’t hollywood, it’s push push pull
Is it balance that i’m lacking or the half cup full?

Could there be darkness without the light
Male without female, fall and rise
love and no hate, it appears to be
for every thing polarity
is it true with no sour there’d be no sweet
not able to conquer without defeat
failure success, give or receive
it depends how we perceive

i fight and fight and fight help me through the
insomnia darkness, the monster wants to bite
sleeping through the day with my candles guard at night
praying to the mystery, return to my soul
that love is still the answer, that it can cure all
I’m lost in a place and only see a plague
humanities in danger, pacifism in me dead
All I wanna do is sing to you and elevate
But then I would be lying cause im seeing all this hate
our bodies getn weaker even though we give her food
practice with the spirit seems too privileged to be good
All of these emotions weighing down on our health
The poor is persecuted to the tyrant prized more wealth
people keep on telling me there’s beauty in this life
I know it cause I’ve seen it but the balance isn’t right
Theres gotta be a way to get it back, some light retrieval
No more ignorance is bliss, Hear no see no speak no evil


Boca vs. 3
Aquel se desperto con la conciencia adolorida
imagenes, masacres de una noche ensangrentada en la Florida
Ponce de Leon tiro caballos en el vientre de los tantos
y al grito Seminole no le cuadra el esperanto
ni el yoga liberal del mojigato
ni el yugo federal punzo cortante causa impacto
confronta responsable al bisabuelo, los nietos quieren prietos en su entierro
y un mundo de colores armonioso sin desvelo
es la catarsis de un comfort arrepentido
es la liturgia protestante que al Yoruba se ha rendido
queda sumar pa' colectar las moneditas ancestrales
para pagar reparacion a los insultos seculares
son los asuntos naturales de un balance vitalicio
anoche el aprendio el significado del solsticio
anoche el aprendio la relevancia del solsticio, 
del solsticio..

Im not scared of darkenss
But bring me back some light
Give to me the balance that I’m needing in this life


from Reset, released May 9, 2013
SK1: Beat
Engineer: Nicolas Guerrero
Pre-mix: Rafael Perez
Mix: Andreas Chipster
Scratch: DJ Saeg
Voice and Lyrics: Alexandra Blakely
Master: Aldo Arechar



all rights reserved


Alexandra Blakely Seattle, Washington

Alexandra Blakely (Seattle, WA) started her musical journey in 2005 in Mexico. In 2009, Blakely formed a soul project alongside bass player/composer Hugo Vera Solari: Solburst. In 2012 Blakely began to focus on working as a solo artist as to be fully responsible for her own lyric. She has shared stages with artists such as La Mala Rodriguez, Bomba Estereo, Bahamadia, Lengualerta, Bocafloja, etc. ... more

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