Already Change feat. Hache St​/​Cambio

from by Alexandra Blakely

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be the change i wanna see but i see
is what the damn commercials is tellin me who to be
but i know i can’t compete with a billion dollar industry
who main objective to lower my self esteem

addicted to the street blog fall fashion next fall
artificial remedy damn they did a good job
wittha 10 deep, and snapback, selvedge jeans, and new kicks
didn't improve, my rhymes, or fan base, just more debts

now when i say the words lots of babies welfare
do you think of my dark skin thick hair
image after image that’ll have me hate who i am
16 when i first had, brown teacher, AHH damn

mr parra went to berkley came back right
so proud like he was from the east side
learning things about my past that i never knew
Now my whole.damn world brand new

I heard change gon come since I've been just a baby girl
Talkn bout it talkn bout it
how to change the world
look again, look again, look again, look again, look again
everyday IS change
you and me ARE change
ALREADY we da change

Hache St:
Cambia la rutina en esta esquina, ya no quedan rimas,
sólo prisas sin risas, sólo vistas perdidas.
Panas que se fueron, no volvieron, apostaron y perdieron,
otros gozan de sus bienes, no retrocedieron,
pero están vacíos, están perdidos,
divididos por un éxito ficticio e indefinido.
Cambia lo climático, no es cosa de zapatos,
ni de cambio de aparatos, ni de agujas ni de platos.
La pausa tiene apremio, el apremio más apremio,
lo convencional va de bohemio, enfermo está el remedio.
Cambia la capa de ozono, no del traje. El entorno
es otra viaje sin abono, sin un pasaje pa' un retorno.
¿Somos el cambio o el cambio es lo sintético?
Aquí el espíritu ya sirve de amuleto
para una maquina que no posee cerebro,
para un amor que sólo está en febrero.


Blakely: (dedicated to Mirella Campos)

met a chicana in chicago - nothing rudimentary
servin door to door her people, complimentary
she's a feminist, fist risen, revolutionist
with her dream to be a doctor, there's no stoppn this
--not a loan they'll never give her, opt to this
encyclopedia recited backwards, fuck the list
--ivy league, aristocrat fatigue -
home between the bookshelves - library still free!
--they may own the stadium - but she's the athlete
plays to her advantage, number one always in track meet
and still the girl, she asks me - did I have enough to eat
several hours after she had punched out on her time sheet
a pay it forward pioneer she's a serenade
the kid who paid pop's doctor bills by selling all her lemonade
when there's a will, well. there's a way
a way to pick herself up from the embers EVERYDAY
Breaking old traditions- unobstructed paths behind
Inspires those who follow, stimulate the heart and mind
And like her we'll return to the spirits that know trust
Remaining here our essence that forever speaks for us



from Reset, released May 9, 2013
Soul Theory: Beat
Engineer: Nicolas Guerrero
Pre-mix: Rafael Perez
Mix: Andreas Chipster
Master: Aldo Arechar



all rights reserved


Alexandra Blakely Seattle, Washington

Alexandra Blakely (Seattle, WA) started her musical journey in 2005 in Mexico. In 2009, Blakely formed a soul project alongside bass player/composer Hugo Vera Solari: Solburst. In 2012 Blakely began to focus on working as a solo artist as to be fully responsible for her own lyric. She has shared stages with artists such as La Mala Rodriguez, Bomba Estereo, Bahamadia, Lengualerta, Bocafloja, etc. ... more

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