One Step feat. Alejandro Blumenkron​/​Gerry Lopez

from by Alexandra Blakely

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This is a song I wrote for all the people closest to me, to try and make simple ideas of how we can slowly back out of the system. We ARE our own owners. We ARE free... if you wanna try and look at it that way.


They want us in the education they constructed
We have our hands on all the books that they abducted
They don’t want us to think for ourselves
So now we’re gonna study ALL their books on the shelves
They want us to believe in personal success
We believe in the strength of populace
They want us to buy into corporations
We’re gonna buy our coffee from the local corner station
They want us eating all their processed foods
We raise our own and we plant our own seeds too
They want us to buy into pharmaceuticals
We practice from the east and use the native rules
They want us hover’n dominate’n adolescents
We nurture - dialogue – follow’n their own true essence
They dream of us struggling with our dearest
We raise our children in the tribes of our nearest
They want us loose’n our dignity in substance
We rise above addictions oh we rise from above this!
They’re building sky scrapers, new technologies
we use solar energy, heal through musicology
They want oil and raw materials
We want crystal waters and healthy animals
They like to give charity and be the people’s savior
Philanthropy would not be needed if not for the class behavior
They want us to depend on them while they remain ascendant
On all their powers we condemn while we remain independent!
Free enterprises, reliance on the city
liberation’s recognizing limits of necessity
They like us docile, don’t make a sound there
We unite and our voice becomes louder
They want us fighting between one another
We unite and our voice becomes louder
They want us working to keep body and soul together
We unite and our voice becomes louder
They want strugglin and they want us to expire
We unite and our wall becomes higher
Want contribution to idiosyncratic heirs
We unite, step forward, tell them to prepare
They want us brainless, zombies, blind
We have the knowledge, now they’re one step behind

We unite and our voice becomes louder
Recite: Now is the hour.


from Reset, released May 9, 2013
Composition: Gerry Lopez and Alexandra Blakely
Vox/Chorus: Alejandro Blumenkron
Drums: Marco Castro
Sax/Piano: Gerry Lopez
Engineer: Nicolas Guerrero
Mix: Rafael Perez
Master: Aldo Arechar
Voice and Lyrics: Alexandra Blakely



all rights reserved


Alexandra Blakely Seattle, Washington

Alexandra Blakely (Seattle, WA) started her musical journey in 2005 in Mexico. In 2009, Blakely formed a soul project alongside bass player/composer Hugo Vera Solari: Solburst. In 2012 Blakely began to focus on working as a solo artist as to be fully responsible for her own lyric. She has shared stages with artists such as La Mala Rodriguez, Bomba Estereo, Bahamadia, Lengualerta, Bocafloja, etc. ... more

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